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Dedicated to the design and development of Ambulatory Patient Monitoring Systems, Novacor UK was established in 1998 to provide enhanced customer support in the British & Irish marketplace. With a UK based technical and clinical support team and a commitment to supporting existing Novacor customers and providing all necessary training and assistance to new ones.

Our unique product range is the result of over 30 years of innovation and development, driven by the rapidly evolving clinical needs of our customers. Our trademark is in small, light and intelligent patient monitoring devices.

Novacor know-how and design continues to push the boundaries of ambulatory monitoring with the first clinically validated AF detection algorithm and more recently the first clinically validated Sleep Apnoea screening module. Wavelet based algorithms, that were over five years in development, have shot Novacor to the forefront of long term ECG analysis.

Our customer support policies, developed in consultation with end users, now provide a rapid, hassle free and reliable response, preventing unnecessary interruption to valuable and overstretched patient services.

Our policy of free software updates ensures that optimal performance is maintained and developments/improvements are available to all.

Novacor UK Ltd is accredited to the  BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standard. All products and software modules are CE marked.

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